Boston Neighborhood Highlights: Dorchester

Camels at the Franklin Park Zoo. Photo by Chris Devers

Camels at the Franklin Park Zoo. Photo by Chris Devers.

What do you know about Dorchester? Did you know that the first public elementary school in the country was started there in 1639? Or that in 1915 it opened the first supermarket in the world? Not only does Dorchester have a rich history, it has a rich supply of things to do – especially for match activities. See below for some of the different sights Dorchester has to offer:

Franklin Park Zoo

1 Franklin Park Rd
Boston, MA 02121

Adults – 16.00
Children – 10.00

The 72-acre Franklin Park Zoo is located in Boston’s historic Franklin Park. Zookeeper, a new family comedy which hits theaters today, was filmed on location at the Zoo.  Check out the Gorilla Family exhibit where you can meet the Zoo’s seven gorillas. You can also see an African lion in the Kalahari Kingdom, tigers in Tiger Tales, Masai giraffe and Grevy’s zebra on the Giraffe Savannah, as well as the many other incredible animals that call the Zoo home. From 10:00 a.m. – noon on the first Saturday of every month, all guests will be charged the children’s admission price.

JFK Library

Columbia Point
Boston, MA 02125

Adults – 12.00
Teens – 10.00
Children under 12 – Free

The JFK Library

The JFK Library was designed by renowned architect, I.M. Pei. Photo by Bill Ilott.

Tour the museum dedicated to the memory of the 35th president who, through his work in politics, sought to make the world a better place. At the JFK Library, you will find exhibits on the life, leadership, and legacy of John F. Kennedy, the First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and his family.  One of the intriguing exhibits includes gifts given to President Kennedy by world leaders and some of the more eclectic gifts given  by admirers. If you can make the trip on Friday, August 12, museum admission is free thanks to Highland Street’s Free Fun Fridays!

Savin Hill Park

Grampian Way
Boston, MA 02125

Savin Hill Park is a small, but lovely neighborhood park featuring a tennis court and basketball court as well as different hiking trails.  From the top of the hill, you will encounter many visitors with their dogs taking in the panoramic view of Dorchester, Quincy and Boston Harbor. There are also plenty of grassy areas to bring a blanket and have a picnic.

Tenean Beach

Tenean St
Boston, MA 02124

Tenean Beach is great if you want to avoid the crowds that swarm Boston’s beaches in the summer. It has a beautiful view of the Boston skyline and plenty of activities for kids including a new playground, boardwalk and promenade. It is definitely one of Boston’s best kept secrets!

Strand Theatre

543 Columbia Rd
Dorchester, MA 02125

Strand Theatre opened its doors in 1918 to a diverse group of artists. Comedians, singers, plate-spinners, ventriloquists, dancers, musicians, acrobats, and animal trainers have all performed on its stage. Now the Strand serves as a cultural and educational resource to artists and audiences of all ages and types. Most importantly, it works to develop and implement youth arts education programs. Recent performers on the Strand stage have included the Boston Ballet, Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis of American Idol, the Boston Children’s Choir and the annual Poetry Slam. To find coming events:

Commonwealth Museum

220 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125


This newly established museum offers many interactive exhibits where you can view rare original documents and artifacts that tell the story of Massachusetts’ founding. You can enter a replica of the Arbella, the ship that transported the Pilgrims from England in 1630. Also on display are the thirteen original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, the Massachusetts Constitution and the 1629 and 1691 charters. This museum is free to the public.


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