Guest Post: How I Met The Girl Who Became “Lil’ Sis”

Guest Post by Big Sister Alicia Carlson

(Originally posted on Alicia’s person blog, here.)

Little Sister Maliha, her Big Sister Alicia, Big Sister Annette and her Little Sister Sabrina.

I was first exposed to Big Sister Association of Greater Boston by my friend, Annette, who has been a mentor for a few years. I really admire her commitment and the bond she shares with her Little Sister. During Annette’s 4th of July cookout last year, I met her Little Sister Sabrina’s 14-year-old sister, Maliha. We got along really well – we spent the day swimming, playing games, and talking about her teenage world. So where was her Big Sister? Turns out Maliha was on a waiting list to be matched.

Over the following weeks, I gave it some thought. Although I wasn’t enrolled in a Big Sister program as a teen, I had a wonderful mentor who happened to fall into my life. (Or maybe I fell into hers…) She made such a significant, positive impact. She listened to me vent about my teenage frustrations, helped me through some particularly scary situations, taught me about Internet safety, and even set me up on a blind date with a co-worker’s son so I could attend my junior prom. And she continued to help me through college, and wasn’t because I pursued the same career path! Although we don’t talk often now, I’ll always remember what she did for me.

I picked up the phone, called Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, and made one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Maliha and I were matched as Big/Little Sisters last November, and have been having a blast ever since. We’ve gone hiking, watched movies, baked, and took a day trip to Rockport. She did well in school this year, decided to join student council, and got accepted into a prestigious local children’s chorus – I’m pretty proud of her.

Big Sister Alicia and Little Sister Maliha in Rhode Island

I have to share the Facebook message Maliha sent when she found out about the match last November:

“Hey , Guess what ? I heard the BIGGEST news in the whole wide world . . . Were gunna become Sisters! Man, I am the happiest person on earth !”

So this year, on September 24th, I will bike 25 miles (maybe 50 if training goes well!) with the Big Sisters team in the Rodman Ride For Kids. All money raised will help this wonderful organization support matches like Maliha and I, and help recruit more volunteers for the kids still on their waiting list. I’m really excited about this ride, but I am going to need your help. My goal is to raise $1,000 for the Big Sisters team. While everyone is in different financial situations, I hope to get 100% participation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please follow this link to my fundraising page. Thanks for your support!

Big Sisters of Greater Boston has a number of ways you can volunteer– be a Big for a Day, volunteer at a school, or become a Community Based Mentor. There are currently over 250 girls and young women waiting to be matched.

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