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The Power of a Woman’s Vote

Guest Blog Post by Nikki White, Executive Projects Coordinator

One of my closest female friends recently told me, “I don’t vote, there are no issues that really affect me personally.” As a spirited feminist, I was upset because I believe women have a stake in everything. They control household budgets and advocate for the education of their children. They are property owners, activists, philanthropists, and they just happen to be the most sought-after voters in the upcoming election.

Women comprise 51% of the United States population. They make up 53% of the electorate and often vote more than men. They also can be the deciding factor in a race as close as this one.

“In a very close election, with almost ten million more women voting than men, the gender gap can make a difference in the outcome of the election,” said Debbie Walsh of Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics. It is important for women to cast their vote in order to influence the bills passed concerning the issues that directly affect them. These issues might include:

  • Affordability of healthcare for women and children
  • Prenatal care for women
  • Equal pay in the workplace
  • Job loss for women
  • Accessibility to childcare

In addition to being a powerful voting majority, women are becoming political figures as well. However, they are often criticized by the media for the way they look, how they speak, and how they carry themselves. Nancy Pelosi has been portrayed as a “cackling witch” in attack advertisements. Michele Bachmann, during the primaries, was on the cover of Newsweek with a photo and the title, “The Queen of Rage.” Hillary Clinton, is consistently criticized for not being feminine, while Sarah Palin was judged for the opposite, she was too feminine.

A woman’s voice is critical, and with a majority voice women can have an influence on the issues that are most important. As you look at the issues facing women today, remember the women from history that fought for future generations to vote. Be a part of history tomorrow by exercising your right to vote.