Big Sister Cristiana Shares Her Impact Story

Guest Blog Post by, Big Sister Cristiana Amara


I want to share my story to encourage other women to consider becoming a Big Sister this summer. I heard about Big Sister through an information session held at work, and a friend suggested that I get involved.  I had always wanted to be a Big Sister but never followed through with it. I decided to go for it!

After completing the application and interview process with Big Sister, I received a call from our Big Sister Match Support Specialist to tell me she had a match for me! “Her name is Olivia, she’s in third grade, and she has brown curly hair but wishes she was blonde. She wants a dog and she has three brothers, so it sounds like she needs a little girl time.” I couldn’t wait to meet her! I was nervous and excited!

Olivia and I met at the school to go over the expectations with our Big Sister Match Support Specialist. Olivia was a little shy when she first came out of her classroom. We talked about some of the things we would like to do together including crafts and games. Because Olivia has family in Europe, I planned themed days like French Day, when Olivia read me stories in French, told me about places she had been, and colored the Eiffel Tower. Some days we just played UNO or Go Fish and would find ourselves laughing the entire time.  

Since then we have gotten to know each other and have realized how much we have in common. We are both involved in so many activities; spend summers in Europe visiting our grandparents; and speak foreign languages. When school ended for the summer, we transitioned into the School-Based Plus Program, which allows us to spend time together outside of school at places like the Franklin Park Zoo and the Aquarium.

Being Olivia’s Big Sister has been a rewarding experience. It’s amazing how good it feels when she says she wants me to stay longer or that she always has fun with me! I’ll never forget the day her mom came to meet me at school. I headed toward her with my arm extended to shake her hand and instead she hugged me, saying “Thank you for being so good to my daughter. She loves spending time with you.” I was truly touched.

At the end of the day, Little Sisters are just looking for someone to talk to, to confide in, and support them along this road we call life, and you can be that person!


You too can make an impact on a girl! There are more than 500 girls waiting to be matched with a Big Sister. Become a Big Sister today.


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