Big Sister Erica Warner Shares Her Impact Story

Guest Blog Post by, Erica Warner


Big Sister Erica and Little Sister Justice

I had been involved with Big Sister for many years as a Diversity Council member before becoming a Big Sister. In 2012, I was finished with school and I knew I would be staying in Boston for several years. I felt like I was in a place in my life where I could make the commitment. I ultimately made the decision to become a Big Sister because I wanted to be able to contribute to the healthy development of a girl.

I met my Little Sister Justice through Big Sister’s Big for a Day program and we clicked instantly. I knew we were a perfect match. I thought she was smart and energetic. Her favorite subject in school was science, and as a scientist by profession, she reminded me of myself at her age.

Although I made the commitment to become a Big Sister, I was scared. I worried I wouldn’t be able to relate to Justice or that she wouldn’t like the activities I planned. What I learned is that she just wants to spend time with me. We both enjoy the time we have together, whatever it is we are doing. It’s about being present.

Being a Big Sister has helped me be more carefree, a better communicator, and improved my problem solving skills. Justice is 10 and she loves to run, jump, and play. Every time we meet she wants to play tag. She allows me to play in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise in my life. Sometimes she asks me difficult questions, and with the help of my Match Support Specialist at Big Sister, I always try to answer them truthfully and in a way that she will understand.

All women should become Big Sisters because you get back as much or more than you give. There are so many girls waiting for you.


Are you inspired by Big Sister Julie and Little Sister Selena’s story? You too can make an impact on a girl! There are more than 500 girls waiting to be matched with a Big Sister. Become a Big Sister today.


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