Big Sister is a donor-supported mentoring organization.

Did you know?

  • Only 6% of all philanthropic dollars go to girl-serving organizations.  In order to continue providing our dynamic mentoring services to girls we rely on the generosity of those who give to us.
  • Some challenges include confusion between Big Sister and other girl-serving or mentoring organizations and the perception that we need volunteers, not individual donors.
  • While our funding sources are diversified, we still rely heavily on the generosity of our giving community.
  • Our goal is to constantly build and strengthen our donor base.
  • Because we charge no fees to Little Sisters or their families for our services, we must continue to grow our giving community in order to provide quality mentoring programs for girls.

Big Sister’s services are free.

  • Big Sister has never charged a fee for our services to Little Sisters or their families.
  • We believe that any and all girls who want a mentor should have access to one.
  • The fact that our services are free is particularly salient during times of economic downturn.  While families from all socio-economic backgrounds are forced to make financially-based decisions on what out-of-school time activities their children can remain a part of, Big Sister is proud to offer an important service at no cost.  This enables our Little Sisters to continue to have a consistent adult, such as a Big Sister, in her life despite the uncertainty around her.

Big Sister is fiscally responsible and cost efficient.

  • Big Sister places a high importance on diversifying our funding sources
  • We keep our overhead costs low—80% of every donor dollar goes directly toward our services.
  • It costs just $1,000 to make and support one of our Big and Little Sister matches.  Compared to other Big Brothers Big Sisters of America affiliates, this cost is relatively low.
  • The money goes toward hiring and retaining trained social work staff who are responsible for making and supporting the best possible Big and Little Sister matches. Compatible, well-supported matches tend to last longer; and longer, stronger mentoring relationships yield the most positive results.

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