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Stay Connected Through Big Sister’s Alumnae Association!

Guest blogger Rachel Russell, Alumnae Association Board Member, talks about her experience with Big Sister Association and how to remain involved after being a Big or Little Sister. 

Big Sister Association of Greater Boston
If you have found yourself out of touch with Big Sister, there are so many ways to get back involved.  There are plenty of girls looking to be matched in both School and Community Based Mentoring.  Big for a Day always needs volunteers one Saturday per month, and we can always use YOUR help to recruit new Big Sisters.  No matter what situation you find yourself in, we hope that you will stop by our Alumnae events to say hello!  We love getting the opportunity to speak with such inspiring women.  Whether you’re a current Big, a former Big or a Little you’ll always have a place at Big Sister.
Five years ago I found myself moving to Boston, ready to begin a new chapter in my life, post college.  As a New Hampshire native, the thought of living in a city was new and exciting, but at the same time a little daunting.  I was eager to meet new people, begin my career and become active in my community. Although I was certain of my career goals, I wasn’t too sure how I wanted to get involved in my neighborhood.  After remembering a friend’s experience back in college being a Big Sister, I decided it would be a place to start.  I was matched with my little sister for three years before closing our match two years ago.  It was a wonderful experience and I’m so thankful I did it. 
I was probably out of touch with the Big Sister Association for a year when I got an email about an opportunity to join the Big Sister Alumnae Association Board.  I jumped at the chance to get reconnected with an organization I truly believed could make a difference in girls lives.  Serving as an Alumnae Board member allows me to participate in a new capacity.  As we begin our first year as a board, we have hopes to eventually hold quarterly events.  Our goal is to hold an annual appreciation event in January, a networking evening, a homecoming gathering in September and perhaps host a match or Big for a Day activity. We are all very excited to recruit Alums to assist us with these lofty goals!
Yours truly,

 Rachel Russell

Alumnae Association Board Member

To learn more about becoming involved with the Big Sister Alumnae Association contact Brenna Downing at or click here to join.

Stay connected through the Alumnae Association!

What Big Sister is looking forward to in 2010!

10. Appreciating our current and former Big Sisters on at a celebration on January 21 (hosted by our Alumnae Association!) in recognition of National Mentoring Month!

9. Going deeper into the communities we serve with programs like Neighborhood-Based Mentoring at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester.

8. Sharing our expertise on gender-specific mentoring with girl-serving organizations through our Intentional Mentoring partnership with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.

7. Talking about A Girl’s Life hosted by Rachel Simmons–the eye-opening documentary about issues girls are facing right here in our community, right now–with our volunteers and supporters.

6. Maintaining longer, stronger Big and Little Sister relationships through the support of our professional social work staff.

5. Staying connected with former Big and Little Sisters through our Alumnae Association, which is open to current Big Sisters too!

4. Continuing to increase the number of Big Sisters who are women of color with the help of our Diversity Council  who brought us from 26% volunteers of color to 28% in 2009!

3. Hosting exciting events for our giving community, such as Rise & Inspire, Urban Beach Party, Celebrity Chef Dinner, and Big in Boston.

2. Giving more than 2,700 girls throughout Greater Boston the attention of a caring, supportive woman mentor who will expand their horizons and let them know there is nothing they can’t do, become, or achieve.

1. Keeping you in the know on all things girls, mentoring, and the Big Sister community through the BigSisterBoston blog!

What are YOUR hopes and dreams for this year?